Collapse cite delimiter inconsistency

edited August 20, 2018
My style has cites set to collapse="year-suffix-ranged".

The unexpected output is:
(Smith 2006, 2007a; b, 2011; Jones 2007).

I don't understand why a semi-colon is inserted between "2007a" and "[2007]b", rather than a comma, when a comma is used for same-year references for Smith otherwise. Also, shouldn't "ranged" make it display a-b instead of a comma-or-semi-colon-separated 'list' of a+b?

(The semi-colon is used to join different-author cites, as specified in the style, however: <layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; ">).

Note: this is for my customized style, based closely on the Unified Linguistics style.

(Actually, this is quite odd-looking regardless, with the floating letters, and rare, so I think I'll switch back to just collapsing by year only, meaning that this is not a concern for me anymore-- just consider this as an odd bug report.)
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