URLs in bibliography are not always hyperlinked in Word

edited August 18, 2018
Update: Nevermind, this is an error of inconsistency in my PDF reader (Mac OSX Preview), not a problem with Word. This discussion can be deleted. Sorry.
I looked through old discussions but didn't see this issue in particular.

I'm working on a long bibliography at the moment (about 70+ pages), and confusingly about half of the URLs are hyperlinked when I export as PDF from Word, but the other half just appear as plain text.

I see no pattern in the URLs that would explain why some are treated differently (www or not; http vs https; single-line vs. multi-line; etc.), and they're mixed up throughout the document.

Is this a known issue? It isn't a crucial problem for me, but it is an odd inconsistency.

Note: these are just plain-text URLs from Zotero being automatically parsed in Word. I don't think it's specific to the style I'm using (Unified Linguistics Stylesheet).

Word for Mac 2011 / Zotero 5.
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