APA reference order order problem

edited August 14, 2018

I have a problem with APA reference order. I send you 5 example to show 2 kinds of problems below.

1. Why is "Bejan, A. (2013)" firstly. Should it be fourthly? (Alphabetical order problem)

2. 1. Why is "Bejan, A., & Errera, M. R. (2017)" fourthly. Should it be fifthly? (Year order problem)

Bejan, A. (2013). Culture and the ...

Bachta, A., Dhombres, J., & Kremer-Marietti, A. (2008). Trois ├ętudes sur ...

Barron, G. R. S. (2017). The Berlin Principles on ...

Bejan, A., & Errera, M. R. (2017). Wealth inequality ...

Bejan, A., & Lorente, S. (2011). The constructal law origin ...

  • Only the first one is a problem. APA sorts by the whole author list, and Errera comes before Lorente, so 2. is correct as is.

    The first issue has little to do with APA, I'd guess -- any style sorting by author should do this correctly.
    - Are you able to replicate this in a new document with just those five references?
    - What item type is the Bejan 2013 reference?
    - Have you tried re-entering it into Zotero manually?
  • Hi,

    Very weird. I closed Zotero and reopened it. Then refresh it. Now the first issue (Alphabetical order problem) was solved. But I don't know why it happened.

    Maybe there was an additional space at the beginning of the name and I deleted it.

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