Zotfile doesn't automatically rename/manage attachments when added

edited August 10, 2018
When adding a file to Zotero, it correctly retrieves its metadata & creates a parental item. However, Zotfile is then supposed to automatically rename & move the attachment, as given in its settings - but it doesn't! For each new item, I manually have to "right click" -> "Manage Attachments" -> "Rename Attachments". This works correctly! What should I try so this happens automatically, without having to tell Zotfile myself?

My settings:
box "Use Zotero to rename" is unchecked (Zotfile renaming rules)
box "Automatically rename new attachments" is on 'always' (Zotfile advanced settings)
Zotero 5.0.54
Zotfile 5.0.8
Mac 10.12.6
  • No, that has never worked in ZotFile -- the automatic metadata retrieval is pretty new in Zotero and ZotFile has not been updated to auto rename&move files after that happens.
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    Thanks for the answer!
    Is automatic retrieval pretty new to Zotero? I use Zotero now for 4-5 years and I have always just dragged & dropped files into Zotero where metadata - as good as possible - were then retrieved automatically. Maybe we don't mean the same. Anyway, I understand Zotfile cannot do right now what I wished for but perhaps in the future!
  • Zotero did not do anything automatic when you dragged a PDF to it until about 5 months ago (version 5.0.36 to be precise: https://www.zotero.org/support/changelog ). You had to manually trigger this using "Retrieve Metadata for PDF" before then.
  • Oh, that could be. I suppose we get used to comfort so quick we tend to forget! Bon week-end !
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