i want to change webdav (4shared -> pcloud)

how can i change webdav (4shared -> pcloud)
in 4 shared, there are many references.

please help me
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    If you change your WevDAV login details in Zotero, it will re-upload all your files to the new server.

    You can also use one of several cloud-server management tools (e.g., https://www.multcloud.com/) to copy the files from one WebDAV server to the other. The file structure in the /zotero folder stays the same, so that will save having to use Zotero to re-upload.
  • all 4shared data were deleted
    i have only backup of zotero (folder)

    how can i reuse data

    please help me
  • In the backup you have, in the ‘storage’ folder, are your files there?
  • yes
    i have all files in 'storage' folder
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