Move attached PDFs to different folder and create links to them instead (batch)

Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask. Using Zotfile, I set up my Zotero so the files attached to the Zotero (parental) items are now stored to a different folder and then synced using a 2nd party app (Drive or Dropbox ...). Check e.g. and It works fine!

However, in my library, I have still items from the past where the actual files are attached to the Zotero items, not the source links instead. I just wondered how I can - in batch - shift those attached files to my new file storage folder and create the proper links within the Zotero items to those files - all without corrupting my database. I have googled a lot but not come across. Help is much appreciated, I love Zotero!
  • Select the items, right click, click Manage Attachments, then Rename and Move. This is the standard way Zotfile works.
  • Oh wow, great! I checked that before but only saw 'renaming' and thought that's not quite it. However, it actually also moves the files so it gets the job done. Many thanks!
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