Move the research articles into different sub folder after saving in Zotero

I want to rearrange the research articles which are already saved in my Zotero workspace. I can create subfolders and save new articles in there without any issue. But my requirement is to rearrange some research articles (already saved in Zotero) into different subfolders.
  • In the Zotero app (not on the website), you can drag items to a new collection. This will result in the item being in both collections (the same item, not a copy—think of collections like playlists rather than folders). To _move_ the item to a new collection so that it is also removed from the original collection, hold down Shift (or Cmd on Mac) and drag.

    When you import an item to Zotero, the save pop up has a drop down menu you can use to change the collection it saves to.
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