Focus Libraries Shortcut No Longer Works

The focus libraries shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L no longer works.
  • edited August 10, 2018
    This still works for me (tested on Windows 7).

    It's possible that something else on your system is intercepting the shortcut.

    Have you tried restarting?
  • I'm on Windows 10. I have restarted the system and Zotero. I have changed the shortcut key from default in preferences and it still doesn't work. I have Zutillo installed and tried a shortcut there to focus the Collections pane (same as Libraries) and that doesn't work either. I think it stopped working on one of the latest Zotero updates.
  • Try with Zutilo disabled?
  • Disabled Zutilo and Zotfile (only addons) and restarted. Still doesn't work.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for attempting this?
  • D975350399

    I don't think it logs anything when I click Ctrl + Shift +L.
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