Zotero will convert the "." into %2E in the name of the WebDav

My login name of my webdav has a dot, and it convert it into %2E to connect to the webdav, and it will fail to connect.
  • For some reason the Mozilla network code we use percent-encodes periods in usernames. If I'm reading it right, RFC 3986 says not to do that, though it also says that servers should handle it (and most apparently do, or this would be a more common problem).

    In any case, the latest Zotero beta should fix this behavior, so you can install that and let us know if it works for you, and then switch back to 5.0.55 once it comes out.
  • The WebDav server I'm using is Yandex Disk. I downloaded Zotero beta but it seems that it still cannot sync. However, when I downgraded Zotero to version 4, I can still sync successfully.
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    Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt in the Zotero 5 beta that produces the error? Zotero 4 syncing is being turned off permanently tomorrow.
  • (people have been reporting problems with Yandex repeatedly).
  • I've found the problem, it seems that Zotero cannot put a .prop file into the Webdav server of Yandex now. When I'm using Zotero 4 to sync, it succeeded in downloading the files I've uploaded to the server, but it fails to upload. And when I check the files it uploaded, it seems that the zip file has transmitted successfully while the prop file is missing from server.
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