Feature request - reload WITHOUT proxy ("don't proxy this time", single-instance)

I usually am happy to have Zotero's auto-proxying doing the work for me so I can get full texts as needed. However, sometimes due to proxy issues (page breaking) or other reasons, I just want to go to the page at the unmodified URL I actually requested. Zotero's "don't proxy this site", however, implements a more permanent excusion I don't want to implement.

So, if it's reasonably doable to add a "don't proxy this time" option to the proxy menu bar pop-over, it's a feature I'd love to see.
  • That's not already available on right-click on the Save to Zotero button? (on campus, so can't actually test; it definitely does allow the reverse).
  • For non-proxied pages the main button menu options includes the "reload via proxy" submenu, where you select your proxy or from multiple proxies. Looking at a page that Zotero has already proxied, that submenu is gone, and nothing is in its place. (Nothing else in the menu appears relevant, either.)
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    Yeah, I’ve often wanted this feature. It doesn’t already exist.
  • That is a good idea, I miss it too. Currently, I open the "unproxied" page in the Internet Explorer, but t is not so user friendly as "reload without proxy".
  • +1
    I need this feature too ! The proxy of my university is not totally stable, I often get a 404 error. In a such case, I'm stucked, I've no other solution that to open my page on a other browser.
  • More specific to the August 8 posts above from @adamsmith and @jmobrien: For me, when a page is not loaded through a proxy, the 'Save to Zotero' menu is under a "Zotero Connector" menu in the right-click context menu, which also includes a "Reload via Proxy" submenu. When the page is loaded through a proxy, only the "Save to Zotero" menu appears, at the top level of the right-click menu; "Zotero Connector" and "Reload via Proxy" do not appear. (In Chrome, the Zotero button in the toolbar has the headline 'Zotero connector' in both environments, but the 'Reload via proxy' menu does not appear in the latter case; in Firefox, there is no header in the toolbar button menu, but otherwise AFAICT the situation is the same.)

    Related issue this would also solve: I have affiliation with multiple universities, which have overlapping but different access to material, so occasionally I'll need to switch from University 1's proxy to University 2's or vice versa. Currently there's no simple way to do this.

    Two potential solutions:
    - when page has been loaded through a proxy, include a menu item to reload without proxy, as suggested above. This would solve the above issue and solve my issue in two steps (return to unproxied page, then choose new proxy as usual).
    - when page has been loaded through a proxy, continue to offer the 'reload via proxy' submenu but with added item 'reload without proxy'. This would solve the above issue and solve my issue in one direct step, though I suppose it might require a change in code for the reload-via-proxy items, since presumably they'd need to strip the existing proxy before going to the new one.
  • I've created an issue to track this. No ETA at the moment. When we have updates we will post in the issue and this forum thread.
  • i'd like to add a vote for reload without proxy--especially for open access articles from auto-proxied publishers for which i'd like to share a clean un-proxied link with colleagues outside my institution
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