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edited August 5, 2018
Thanks to all contributors to Zotero—such an important tool.

I'm hoping to use Zotero more actively as a kind of public wiki, which includes not only bibliographic entries but also a good number of Notes with material that refers to the bibliographies and more. This seems very doable given existing functionality and the rendering of notes in HTML. However, I'm a bit confused about the way in which the Notes are displayed on, and I wonder if others have the same experience.

+ Title: In Zotero Standalone, Notes automatically assume the title of the first line of text. For instance, [this]( will appear as "Currency." However, in the version, the title is "[Untitled]," and I can't figure out how to change it.

+ Content display: I would expect the Notes would display on with the same CSS as the larger Zotero site, with readable type and responsive layout. It would be nice, for instance, to be able to use anchors to link directly to subheadings (like h2's). However, on, Notes appear in a separate iframe-style box with its own scrollbars and tiny, barely-readable type. I can imagine a box like this for an "edit" mode, but, especially for users without editing privileges, it seems inappropriate and a poor way to display information. Is there any way to simplify this?

Thanks again to those of you who are able to contribute to this important project on a technical level.
  • There's a massive overhaul of the zotero web library underway. I don't think there are any previews and I couldn't get it to run from the code currently under development (see -- I tried for all of 3mins, though), but I'd expect that it'll fix many of the undeniable UI/UX issues with the current web library.
  • Great to hear, thanks!
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