Style Request: "Wiesbaden Business School"

Hi all,

after a thorough search in the forum I would like to request a style which is required by my university since I wasn't able to find a similar one + lacking CSL programming skills.

Here are the guideline from my university:

Here is a sample of a book a professor of my university published using the citation style: petry&f=falseIn-text citation:

Vgl. Campbell, J.L./Pedersen, O.K. (2007). S.xx.
Vgl. Mares I. (2001). S.xx.

Campbell, J. L., & Pedersen, O. K. (2007): The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success, in: Comparative Political Studies, Nr. 40(3), S. 307–332.

Mares, I. (2001): Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers?, In: P. A. Hall & D. Soskice [Hrsg.], Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage, New York: Oxford University Press, S 184–213.

I would really appreciate your effort and Thanks for everything in advance.
If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
  • Thanks for following the style request guidelines!

  • @tkmho
    Here you go. Let me know if anything needs fixing.
    The Vgl. ... will need to be inserted as a prefix for each individual citation as far as I understand.

    Also, the style did not mention DOI and also the template style did not include it (very similar style), so I left that out.
  • @damnation

    Hi, thank you very much for creating the style!

    The Vgl. as prefix is fine. Also the DOI is not needed for the bibliography so that's correct.

    It's pretty close to the guidelines, however I have some follow up remarks:

    Regarding the citation:

    - Is it possible to add the first name of the author and a comma in the citation in the footnotes for example Vgl. Obermaier 2016, p.350. to Vgl. Obermaier, R. (2016), p.350.
    (the year in brackets would just be an extra, it's no problem to change that manually)

    - Also, if there are two authors, they have to be separated by a "/" instead of an "and"

    Regarding the bibliography:

    - In the bibliography all authors need to be listed no matter how many there are, unfortunately et al. does not apply and the last bullet point above also applies to the bibliography

    Also, can I change the language of Zotero? Because atm the bibliography and the footnotes are in english (p. instead of S. etc.)

    Thanks a lot again!
  • 1. in-text: author forenames: fixed.
    2. / vs and: already doing that (e.g. Campbell, J. L./Pedersen, O. K. (2007), S. 244–252.) (See also how the year is in brackets)
    3. Bibliography - all authors: it's already showing all
    4. This style is already set to german. So something is wrong here. Considering points 2&3. Are you actually using the correct style?)

    Please try this (right click, save as, double click (or install via Zotero menu)):
  • Hey damnation,

    sorry it was my mistake, forgot to change the style in the document I was working on...

    One small remark: style is german but is it possible to use et al. instead u.a. in the footnotes?

    So far it is really spot on! I couldn't see any other discrepancies. Great job on that!

    Thanks again for creating the style.
  • Yes, I can change that. Is that specified in the guidelines though?
  • Yes it is. It is in german but still the et al. is required.

    Thanks a lot.
  • The style is now updated. You can update them directly in Z or download from here anew:
  • Hi everyone,

    after some research I have found this thread and the created citation style. I study at the same university as tkmho and am currently working on my Master's thesis using Zotero. I require a very similar citation style, only in English language, meaning...:
    - p. instead of S. to indicate the page at the end of the footnote.
    - No "Ebd." to replace the author when quoting the same source consecutively.
    - Bibliography following the example below (also similar to tkmho's request, but using Vol. X, No. X, p. X instead.).

    Example Footnote:
    Cf. Krüger, W. et al. (2006), p. 22f.

    Example Bibliography:
    Krüger, W. / Coray, G. / Dominizak, J. / Petry, T. (2006): Barrieren des Wandelns
    erkennen und überwinden: Diagnose von Wandlungsbereitschaft und -
    fähigkeit mit dem Excellence-in-Change-Barometer, in: Zeitschrift Führung
    und Organisation, Vol. 75, No. 3, p. 156-162.

    English Paper Guide of my University:

    I would be very thankful for any assistance , as I also lack any CSL programming skills but hope that these changes should be mere tweaks to anyone familiar with the setup.

    Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,
  • @LiborA Thank you very much for the quick reply!
    The style is looking great except for the following minor things:

    - I'd like the "p." indicating the page number(s) at the end of footnotes to be lower case.
    - In the bibliography, could you make "No." upper case
    - In the bibliography could you set the page indication to say p. instead of pp. regardless of number of pages
    example: Vol. X, No. X, p. X

    I'm sorry for these very specific requests of which I don't really see the sense myself, the university is very particular about that. Thanks a lot in advance!
  • edited July 23, 2019
    OK. The style is updated, try to download it again and test it.

    Now I got this output for journal article:
    Citation in text:
    This is testing journal article1

    1 Ansorge, L./Beran, A. (2019), p. 8.

    Ansorge, L./Beran, A. (2019): Performance of simple temperature-based evaporation methods compared with a time series of pan evaporation measures from a standard 20 m2 tank, in: Journal of Water and Land Development, Vol. 41, Nos. IV–VI, p. 1–11.

    See that there is "Nos." instead of "No." because the issue was for three months (the journal is published quarterly and use this untypical "issues")
  • This is perfect @LiborA ! Thank you so much.
  • @damnation aru you sure that the ausage of "ibid" construction is correct for this style in german. Main Deutsch is schlech so ich bin nicht in der Lage durch das Lesen der Anleitung für Autoren zu beurteilen.
  • edited July 23, 2019
    No, it doesn't mention anything in the German style guide about it either.
    The English and German style are actually identical apart from the locale differences. I'll make the current style into a polyglot style for both languages.

    (Good German there! Didn't know that! ;) )
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