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Endnote has a function where you can have it go to the internet to all your subscriptions and locate the PDF for a reference and attach the PDF to the reference. In other words, if you have the reference in Endnote but not PDF, it will find the PDF. Does Zotero do that?
  • Not currently. The next version (and the current beta) will find OA copies of the PDF. Future versions will likely have a PDF download function similar to Endnote's, but no exact ETA on that.
  • It's not yet in the beta, but in addition to open-access PDFs, the next version will also download PDFs from the publisher page — via the DOI or URL — if you have direct access from your computer. (In other words, it won't work yet for web-based proxies, though an institutional VPN would work.)
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    Wow, this is really wonderful. When will this new function be available?
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    Available now in the latest Zotero beta. There's a new "Find Available PDF" menu option that will try to retrieve a PDF from the item's DOI or URL webpage or, failing that, from OA sources listed in Unpaywall.

    The same functionality is used in the beta for "Add Item by Identifier", and in the near future the OA part will be used when saving from the connector as well.
  • I have just upgrade the Zotero beta version. New function works quite well.
    I really love it !
    Thank you very much.
  • That's terrific @dstillman . Could you give a high-level overview of how this works just to see what sort of troubleshooting / error reporting does and doesn't make sense?
  • @adamsmith: More details here. Let me know if you have other questions.
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