Frequently author metadata fetched with Zotero, or scraped from online sources like Google Scholar, are in all capitals. Would Zotero developers consider adding a "Transform Text" menu item to authors, as there currently is for titles? This would save having to type the names over (and making a mistake in the process). Ideally, there would be a button or other UI widget that could be clicked which would transform all authors at once, but I'd understand if there was hesitancy to add clutter to the UI.
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    It seems that some site translators do the case change automatically. I agree that it would be nice to have a way to automate this for sites without such translators. I recognize that (with name particles and such) this isn't straightforward. Some time ago, I thought about this a great deal -- both the case conversion itself and how to add the feature to the already complex contributor field UI. I concluded that both were far beyond my capabilities.
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    To be sure, there would be mistakes, just as proper nouns don't get capitalized and need to be manually fixed when converting to sentence case for titles now. But just doing a straight conversion to all first letters capitalized for each word in a name would be a fantastic time saver.
  • FWIW, I'd be a bit wary doing this for google scholar (because of the diversity of data), but I'm generally willing to implement conversion from all caps to regular capitalization in translators if people point me to relevant examples.
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