Zotero item selector (to select multiple items from Google Scholar) not working

Hi, I am not able to add items to Zotero libraries via the Zotero item selector on Google Scholar search pages. (I am able to individually add articles via their specific pages to Zotero libraries.)

I have attempted closing Zotero and Chrome, and syncing Zotero. Is there anything else I could try?


  • If you're using Google Scholar a lot, you're likely blocked from downloading metadata by the site. Check what happens if you click on the quotation mark icon under an entry and then click "BibTeX". If google asks you to verify you're human, that's the problem.
  • Yes, I was asked to verify I'm human. I did this and it now appears to work. Thank you!
  • Note this will be a recurring problem. As much as possible, avoid using large-scale imports from Google Scholar. If you have to, see the advice here:
  • Thank you very much for the help
  • Hi @adamsmith,

    One issue is that it’s not always clear what the connector managed to import, actually both in google and non-google sites. Sometimes it just fails silently, which makes it difficult to use for more systematic searches.

    Is there a way of tellIng? Say I make a multi-paper Import from a single page, and google requires a captcha half way through the say 10 requests - could the connector not issue a warning?
  • you _can_ tell. Items for which the font turns from light grey to black are saved to Zotero (that includes attachments).

    I think @dstillman has been working on better error feedback though. Ideally, translators shouldn't fail silently.
  • Thanks, yes, that’s helpful. Those notifications are the transitory ones, right? So you cannot come back to the page later, but you’d have to observe? Or am I wrong (sorry, don’t have Zotero to hand).
  • That's correct -- the pop-up only stays open 5(?) seconds.
  • Yes, that's what I thought - many thanks!
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