Can't Access My Library or My Profile.

I used to be able to access My Library and see my profile (from the website), but now when I click on the tab/link for them I get the following message.

Page Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found

The respective URLs in the links are

However I can access my settings and my Inbox (although the later has always been empty).

I've tried logging out and back in a few times. I've tried it in both IE and Firefox. I get the same error trying to access my profile when I'm not logged in, but I can see other people's profiles. My files are still in my Zetoro plugin and it still says it has successfully synced them.

Thanks (and thanks for a great product as well).

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for posting. So it seems we're having trouble with usernames containing periods. I suspect this became a problem after our last website update on Friday.

    We'll be on this right away and let you know when we have a fix in place.

  • should be working now.
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