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    yes - change the <id> line as described in the simple_edits documentation.
    (but to clarify: in any given document it's either or - you can't have a bibliography in which some items are annotated and others aren't).
  • Got it -- this is great. & that makes sense about not mixing styles in one doc.

    Sorry to be dense about this -- I'd never done anything at all with code before (obviously). Thanks so much for your help!!
  • no, you're doing fine - we're trying to improve that part of the documentation so if you have any thoughts?
  • No, it's really clear in the documentation -- I just didn't get that the change you explained above could be done to any style. Thanks!
  • Hi Adam,
    It appears the code is given for having the abstract field appear as an annotation. Since my notes are in the "note" there anyway to have the notes appear in an annotated biblio?
  • the yellow notes that look like post-its? No, that's not possible.
  • So I made an APA w/ annotation style as per the instructions above using the code changes and put my annotations under Abstract, but when I copy the bibliography to clipboard and paste it into Microsoft Word (mac:2011), I lose all of the formatting of multiple paragraphs and all of the text just ends up jammed together at the end of each reference entry. Is this a problem for anyone else? Any ideas on how to fix it?
  • to be clear - you're referring to formatting within the abstract field, yes?
  • I fear that the clipboard may remove that formatting - have you tried using RTF export or the word-plugin?
  • I have tried all bibliography creation options (rtf,html,clipboard,print) in both zotero and the word plugin. Same results.
  • At minimum, how can I get the one (preferably two) line break(s) to make sure the abstract text starts below the reference instead of on the same line?

    As for the multiple paragraphs issue, I think I have a find/replace workaround for that that will suffice in the meantime.
  • sorry, i don't have a lot of time to test my suggestsion, have you tried:
    <text display="block" variable="abstract"/>
    instead of the solution suggested above? That should work - if it doesn't there is some bigger issue.
  • That works, thanks!
  • I have a question related to this discussion. Today I had to submit an annotated bibliography, and I ran into a few problems. The method I followed was to put my annotation into the "extra" field and then use "Chicago Manual of Style (Annotated Bibliography)" style. The problem is that most of my annotations consist of two paragraphs. The line break between these paragraphs is lost when Zotero produces the annotated bibliography. How can I have Zotero retain the line breaks in my annotation?
  • Because I figure people are going to find this thread looking for annotated bibliographies, these are instructions for Zotero 2.1 and higher:

    If you want to create a style for an annotated bibliography first read the general instructions here

    Then, if you want to annotate with the contents of the abstract field below each bibliography item, modify the style you want to annotate by inserting
    <text display="block" variable="abstract"/>
    in the last line of the bibliography section, right above </layout>. This will be the third last line of the file.

    If you want to annotate with the contents of the extra field, instead insert <text display="block" variable="note"/> at the same location.
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    I have moved the comment to an appropiate thread
  • This thread is pretty old and I am hoping someone can give me an update on how to create an APA 6th ed. annotated bibliography.
  • the instructions are still the same as my post from one year ago.
    You can also use the visual editor:
    but the basic idea is the same.
  • I've just discovered the option to "Generate Report for Items" and this may work for annotated bibliographies.

    Highlight the sources you want to include in your bibliography, right click to select"Generate Report for Items." This brings up a window that includes all the tags and notes you have included for each item, and you can print from here.

    Hope this works!
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