new zotero interface issues

Not susre if anyone has discussed these yet- problems include - on the old version, i could immediately see the library at the same time as my active web page. Also, when making a new link, I could see this appear i the library window, and could, in the same window add tags. Now I have to open the library window separately, click between that and my "active" window, and open the edit page to add tags. Any suggestions for streamlining this (go back to the old version?)
  • 1. See library at the same time as my active web page:
    There's no 100% equivalence, but you can split your screen of course and you can set up window management apps to resize and split with one keystroke
    Alternatively alt+tab and alt+shift+tab provide very quick ways to flip between two windows (there are more tips related to this somewhere in a documentation, but I forgot where, maybe someone who remembers could link them)

    2. See link appear in library window & add tags:
    You can actually add tags to an item you're adding right from the browser dialog: Click on the down arrow at the right of the pop-up that shows up when you're importing, then choose the collection you want an item to go into as well as add any tags.
    If that doesn't work for you, the same workflow as above would also apply. Zotero still highlights the last imported item.
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