focus problem while adding new entries

whenever I clicked the button "Create Item from curent page" Zotero used to change focus automatically to the just created library entry in the middle pane, so I could proceed to edit the new entry. With 2.0b4 it doesn't happen anymore. If one has a large library, this can be a serious annoyance, because of the time needed to find the newly created entry, that has to be edited more often that not.

thank you for Zotero, it is a great application!
  • FWIW: Entries are still given focus in 2.0b4 for me. A work-around until you figure out why they are not for you would be to choose a collection that did not have many citations.
  • noksagt, thank you for your comment. This is exactly what I am doing (working on small sub-collections) but it is a nuisance nevertheless.
    If you don't experience the focus problem, maybe this has something to do with Firefox? I have 3.0.10.
  • I also run 3.0.10 (I happen to have tested it in Linux most recently, but don't recall behavior being any different in OS X or Windows).
  • I also run linux :( (Ubuntu Jaunty)
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