Zotero Connector 5.0.40 (chrome) not works.

report ID: 2103220070
I can't save any item to zotero from chrome.
  • The same is happening with my Zotero Chrome Connector today
  • I can't save any item to zotero from firefox!
  • @ltao.nu.whu: You're getting various errors related to Better BibTeX. Start by temporarily disabling that and seeing if the problems go away.

    For others, see Troubleshooting Translator Errors.
  • Dear all,
    Thanks for your kind reply. Due to I access the internet via proxy, I have solved that by:
    setings->open proxy settings->LAN settings->check: Bypass proxy server for local address.
  • What kind of errors did bbt throw?
  • edited August 4, 2018
    [JavaScript Error: "{better-bibtex! +1634} KeyManager.get called for non-existent itemID 449 <Error: non-existing item
  • edited August 4, 2018
    Right that makes sense. I should not be reporting that as an error. I patch Zotero.ItemTreeView.prototype.getCellText so I can display the citekey, but that is being called well before Zotero.Schema.schemaUpdatePromise resolves so well before the BBT db is ready. The error is harmless - the method returns an empty string when the bbt db isn't ready.
  • New version does not report this as an error.
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