Zotero shuts shuts down by itself periodically

Zotero keeps closing itself very often. It makes very tedious to work like this.
  • Can you provide a Report ID to start?

    What exactly is happening? Are you receiving an error message? What are you doing when this occurs?
  • Zotero retrieves no error while open. That's why I did not write down a report ID. There is no error message. The Zotero window just keeps closing after a pair of minutes or even seconds, so I have to keep reopening the program a lot.
  • We still need a Report ID.
  • Report ID: 59704905
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    OK, so this is 5.0.54 on Windows 10.

    No one else has reported anything like this, so this may be something specific to your system. It's possible you're running out of memory or security software is somehow interfering with Zotero. You should also check your system for malware.

    Reinstalling Zotero doesn't usually do much, but it's something to try in this case, since there's not really much else to go on.
  • My problem persists, I don't have memory issues. And now the app only keeps open for a few seconds and closes on its own again.
  • Unfortunately it's much harder to debug a crash like this on Windows (unless you know how to use Cygwin, but if you can take a screen recording of starting Zotero with the debug output window shown, upload that somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and either provide a link here or email it to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread, we might be able to see what's happening before it crashes.

    You can also try just repeatedly generating Debug IDs from that window and copying them to the clipboard, so that you have a Debug ID from close to the crash.
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