snapshot of news article on not working

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1. visit some article on The Intercept e.g.
2. with "Zotero Connector" installed in current stable firefox click the "Save to Zotero" icon next to the URL bar in Firefox
3. an entry is added to Zotera with the correct metadata information

Extending that entry shows a snapshot. Selecting "Show File" I find "mueller-indictment-russian-hackers.html" and in QuickLook on macOS the html file looks quite complete. But when I open that html file in Firefox the URL lists file:///Users/username/Zotero/storage/EP9ML46G/mueller-indictment-russian-hackers.html so it is indeed the local copy of that article.
But, I see no article information at all. All I see is "Error 404 - Page not found".

Snapshot html file should load full article in browser.

I wonder if this is a problem with the specific website or a general issue with Zotero Snapshots. Unsure which behavior would be expected.

A possible workaround could maybe be to create a PDF from the browser and then link that PDF to the entry in Zotero?
  • If you disable javascript on the snapshot it works fine, so some script theintercept includes is doing that.
  • Note that you'll get the same thing if you try to save the page from Firefox or Chrome. Zotero just uses a version of the Firefox saving code.

    I could imagine The Intercept being more receptive to a bug report about archiving of their pages than other outlets, so you could try reporting it to them. (I'd focus on saving from a browser and not mention Zotero, which isn't relevant here.)
  • Thanks for your feedback @fcheslack & @dstillman . I don't have a problem filing a report with The Intercept. But could you elaborate in greater detail what is causing the issue and what The Intercept would need to change in order for things to work as expected?
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    That's for them to figure out. You'd just be reporting that when you save an article using the standard "Save Page As…" functionality in Chrome or Firefox and view the saved page it redirects to a 404. Disabling JavaScript when viewing the saved page fixes it.
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