HELP! Which Bluebook format will get me the closest to ALWD, that I can then manually correct?

I have an academic paper that is due technically tomorrow, and the citations HAVE to be in ALWD, and I haven't been trained in ALWD, just Bluebook. Thus, I want Juris-M/Zotero to get me as close to ALWD as it can, then I'll just fix everything by hand at the very end. Not the BEST solution, but since there is no ALWD style in the Zotero repository, I don't really see another option. Planning to go w/Indigo/Bluebook style for now.

Does anybody have any advice or suggestions? Desperate.
  • You should definitely use Juris-M, as this will get you much better legal citations than vanilla Zotero can manage. The Juris-M Indigo Boom style should get you very close (ALWD and Bluebook aren’t very different at all).

    As far as I am aware, the major difference between the two is the abbreviations used. You can modify the abbreviations lists used in Juris-M.

    See the comparison of the two styles here
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