sync with online zotero group buggy

Dear all,
Today I found out that the last two items I dragged into my group library are not accessible by my collaborators. Even if I look at the group library online, I do not see them, whereas they show up in my group library from within my zotero app on Linux. Any ideas what could be going wrong?
  • Thanks, but the instructions seem to be written for a newer version of zotero. Mine is zotero-standalone installed from the Debian repository and the version is Do I need to unistall and manually install Zotero 5? If sync does not work with the Debian-packaged version, the package should probably be removed from Debian.
  • Yes, you should update to Zotero 5. Zotero doesn’t manage the Debian distribution at all. It’s unfortunate that Debian is distributing a version that is so out of date.
  • Thanks, I just uninstalled the old zotero and installed Zotero 5, but the problem persists. One particular paper, if I drag it onto my group library, the attachments are dropped when I see it in Zotero, and it does not show up at all in my group library online. How can I trouble-shoot this? I submitted a debug output as: D1428566408
  • Can you add other files to that group library? Does the group have file storage enabled?
  • I just figured it out. I had deleted the items from the group library after the originally failed attempts of adding them, then upgraded zotero and retried the procedure several times with the same effect. No problems with adding other items. Only after actually removing the items in question from trash on the group library was I able to add them again and see them in the online group library including attachments. All good now, but I don't understand while similar items in Trash would prevent adding them again to the group library.
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