Reset Error: 1351842036

This occurred while attempting to reset the library at Zotero server from the local copy. I have previously reported a different error while trying to sync a new 20K+ library to the server. This time I tried a reset from local and received this error.

The local library has 22527 items. The reset seems to have saved 22524 items -- not sure if accurately or not.
  • Note that, as it says in the pane, the reset options are not meant for troubleshooting, and they generally make it harder for us to help you.

    But can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a sync attempt that produces this error?
  • Hello, which error are you referring to, the one from the sync or the one from the reset? I can try to replicate once I know to which you refer.
  • Whichever one you're experiencing now
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