Sync issues. Report ID: 1279740069

This is with reference to Report ID 1279740069.
I currently have Zotero installed on two computers. Zotero is working perfectly fine on one computer but I am having sync issues on the other one.
I have over 100 articles pending to be synced. Zotero shows all the articles in the library, but when I double-click on any article, it fails to open the PDF. It fails to open the PDF even when I right click and select 'Show File'.
The software still shows the library syncing, and with every passing article, Zotero shows a dialogue box with a sync error. I need to select 'Okay' so that Zotero can proceed further. In short, I am getting the error message repeatedly, for every article.
I checked my online library on and it shows everything there as it should be.
Hope someone comes to my rescue!
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