Can't get Bibliography to work

If I right-click, create bibliography, and either save to clipboard or print, it just shows a superscript 1. If I save to rtf.file, I can't open it. One of the main uses of Zotero for me is creating citation lists of articles. Any suggestions??
  • That suggests you have "citation" selected in the window that pops up. You want bibliography.
  • It still doesn't work when I have "citations" selected.
  • You misunderstood adamsmith, you need to select "Bibliography".
  • It doesn't matter whether I have "Citations" or "Bibiliography" checked. It still doesn't work.
  • You´re saying you always get a superscript 1? How about when you switch citation styles?
  • Okay, I got it to work on a different computer using Bibliography, but the numbers appear to the far left and can't move them.
  • Yes, with Citations, I always get a superscript one.
    With Bibliography, the numbers appear far to the right (I mis-typed left above) and can't move them. I use American Medical Association for medical journal style.
  • I think it must be something about the AMA style that only give the number superscript 1 with Citations. And with Bibliography, it puts the number far to the right and won't move, must delete it and type in my own numbers.
  • Rather than delete the numbers, switch to a different style and back. If that doesn’t work, Modify the Word “Bibliography” quick style to have the correct tab spacing.
  • @bwiernik these are inserted from the clipboard, so that doesn't apply.

    @Macrobabe The superscript for citation is on purpose. That's how a citation in AMA style looks like.

    Word doesn't do well with pasting aligned numbers. If you save to RTF and open in Word, the bibliography will look right.

    More generally, for numbered citation styles, you'd almost always want to use the word add on
  • Okay, originally, when I saved as RTF, I couldn't open it. Now I can save as RTF, then when I open it, it looks like correct format, then I can copy and paste into my Word document.
    I'm not sure yet how to use the Word Bibliography/Citations. I will work on that at future time. Thanks for all your help! @adamsmith.
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