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Hi everybody!!

I'm writing my thesis, and the University has based its format in APA, but with some differences, so, I need to change some things, specially in the bibliography section.

Right now i face problems in this aspect, please refer to the example provided.

---as APA use:
Última Hora. (2017, November 21). Fiscalía indaga irregularidades en Aso de la Contraloría. Retrieved May 8, 2018, from http://www.ultimahora.com/fiscalia-indaga-irregularidades-aso-la-contraloria-n1120133.html

As my University wants:
Última Hora. (2017, November 21). Fiscalía indaga irregularidades en Aso de la Contraloría. Retrieved from http://www.ultimahora.com/fiscalia-indaga-irregularidades-aso-la-contraloria-n1120133.html

Please look in the date after "Retrieved" ... I need to erase it (the date) ...

in the

I found those lines and comment it

<!date variable="accessed" form="text" suffix=", "/>

but ... without results ...

Could anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance
  • No need to change the style. That item should be entered as a Report, not a Webpage. (Access date is only shown for Webpage and Blog Post items).
  • Generally agree this can be handled in the style, but this should be entered as a newspaper article, not a report. Ultima Hora is a Paraguayan newspaper, so this is pretty clear-cut.
  • @bwiernik
    Thanks for the advise ... but will be it correct, in accordance with the rules of ethics?
    As noted by @adamsmith's answer, is a newspaper

    Yes it is a newspaper, but I take the information from the digital version ... so I can't put the page number ...
  • that's fine, you don't need to enter every field, it'll look correctly when entered as a newspaper article.
  • thanks, will change it ... as newspaper (or report instead) ... but first I will ask my professor about the ethical aspects
  • I'm not sure why you think this has anything to do with ethics.

    a) This _is_ a newspaper article, so it's absolutely correct to classify it as such
    b) You're not handing in your Zotero database, but your paper with finalized citations. Zotero is just a tool to help you. You can enter data in Zotero in any way you see fit as long as you produce accurate citations with it.
  • If by “ethical” you mean the rules for citations, absolutely you should cite this as a Newspaper Article. It _is_ an online newspaper article.
  • thanks very much for you both, guys ...

    best regards

    O: -)
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