Citation Search/Insert in Word very Slow

Dear Zotero-Team,

I really like Zotero but searching for citations to insert has just become so slow. Its almost impossible to work with it. It takes about 30 seconds or longer per search.

Have tried severall things that I found in the forum. My computer is rather quick and has an SSD. Also disabled the auto update of bibliography. It is not the inserting/update of the citations itself, it is the search for them that makes me go crazy.

Have about 20000 entries in my libraries and it happens also with documents of 30-40 pages, which is just one regular paper.

Is this just normal that the search (simple search) takes so long? Is there anything I can do to improve speed? Most of the time I search for authors and year. Maybe limiting search to these fields or having the option to do so in the simple search might help?

Have made a debug report also, with the document that just drove me crazy lately:

PS: If there are several results of the search and I scroll down in the search results, results also disappear for some seconds... Can make a screenvideo if you want.

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