email verification does not send an email...

Is there no way to get Zotero support except through a discussion?

I was a happy Mendeley user until they stopped supporting Mac... now I'm learning Zotero, and want to create a group, can't create a group until my email gets verified. I've checked junk mail and keep hitting send verification email. I've checked the email address and it is correct. Pretty frustrated about now...
  • It looks like you received the email sometime between submitting your post and now.

    For other users, I'll note that email is not always instantaneous, especially within institutions, and triggering multiple identical emails is unlikely to speed things along.

    Posting a discussion here on the forums is generally the way to get support.
  • OK. I am experiencing the same issue and have tried two emails over two days. Still no verification email. Should I expect to wait two days? Is this not automated?
  • @SteamInstruments: Your email address is bouncing, so further emails won't be sent. If you've resolved the server misconfiguration and have successfully sent a test message to yourself from an outside address, you can reset your Zotero password to force emails to be sent again.
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