Confusion between bibliography and citations over letters for same-year entries

I'm just going through some work in which I have three items by the same author in the same year cited, so I have 2018a, 2018b and 2018c.

Strangely though, the items to which 2018a and 2018b refer have been flipped between the bibliography and the individual citations within my text. I.e. a reference to X (2018a) in the footnote is to the item recorded in the bibliography as X (2018b).

As it stands, I could just remove field codes and change the lettering in the bibliography when I'm done, but I was wondering if there was something that could have caused this? I'm concerned that a similar switching could have crept in elsewhere, where I've not spotted it yet.

Thanks for any help!
  • A recent fix for an unrelated processor issue caused one of the processor tests to fail. On inspection, the issue proved to be one that is at least similar to what you describe. You can check to see if your document behaves better with the fix by installing the Propachi plugin in the Zotero client (not the browser), then switching to another style and switching back.

    If it does not resolve the issue, post back and we'll try to reproduce the fault so it can be fixed. If it does fix things, you can (and should) remove the plugin at the next Zotero update.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. The issue seems to have resolved itself without me using the plugin - I think Zotero might have updated itself, so that seems to have sorted it - thanks!
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