Files not deleted after leaving group

A while ago I left a private group, "Colin Elman" from my account. I had some massive files in it, and they are still in my storage folder. e.g. 3AS9CNAD ( in said group).

1. Is there any way to troubleshoot why this happened?
2. Any easy way to remove those?
  • Does the group still show up in the left pane of Zotero?
  • (Sorry, didn't see that this was you.)

    Unfortunately it looks like this is indeed a bug — group database entries are cleared without deleting the attached files (probably since Zotero 5.0). We can fix that easily, but it's going to take some work to clean up orphaned folders on people's systems.

    I think it'd be reasonable to run a background process to automatically delete 8-character folders in 'storage' that 1) don't match an item in the database and 2) were created a day or more before the last Zotero sync time (to account for symlinked and cloud-synced 'storage' folders and time zone issues). It's hard to envision a scenario where that actually deletes folders people want. And we could perhaps repurpose that function for a manual option in the Advanced → Files & Folders pane, since deleting orphaned folders (from crashed imports, file management mishaps, etc.) is something that people do occasionally ask for.
  • I've fixed the underlying issue in the latest beta.
  • the post-hoc fix sounds good to me, including the manual option (for which I went looking and there are really quite a number of threads on this with perl, python scripts, and finally Emiliano's add-on) -- I'll leave them in place for beta testing then.
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