Error with Author Names

Report ID: 1173881501

Steps to Repeat:
1. Direct browser to
2. Click the Zotero plug-in icon (Save to Zotero).
3. Select the entry in Zotero (it incorrectly thinks the author is LastName "Groeger" and FirstName "Ken Schwencke, Derek Willis, Lena"
4. Click the button next to Author for Switch to single field.

First and second time I did this, it hung for a minute then gave an error. Third time, it allowed me to change the author field.

Not sure this is reproducible, but I'm trying to do due diligence in reporting the error.
  • On the import side, this is using the generic metadata on the page
    <meta name="author" content="Ken Schwencke, Derek Willis, Lena Groeger" />
    and I'm not sure if we really can do much about this that would allow us to distinguish a list of authors from, say,
    Schwenke, Ken, Jr.

    Dan would have to look at the error converting to one field to see whether that's systematic. Not that if you want to cite this, you'll want to convert these to three separate two-field, lastname, firstname authors.
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