Scaling in hidpi - ubuntu 18.04 - Report ID: 1694376812


I am running Ubuntu 18.04 in a hidpi monitor (3840x2160). Zotero 5.0.53 does not scale correctly.
All UI elements are double in size. Screen capture is here:

Can I force Zotero to a specific scale, perhaps by a configuration option or environment variable?

  • If you open a JS console in your browser, what's the value for window.devicePixelRatio?
  • Basically, there's layout.css.devPixelsPerPx in Advanced → Config Editor, but it should be set to -1.0 by default, which should make it automatically detect the scaling factor the same as in Firefox.
  • window.devicePixelRatio is 2.

    I changed layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from -1 to 2. The Toolbar is now scaled properly, but all the other UI elements are not:
  • Did you restart Zotero?
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