Problem with installing Zotero on new computer with the same user profile

Hi, I have encountered the following problem: I used to work with Zotero on my university computer, on which I have my own profile (P:). Since they have given me a new computer, I cannot work with Zotero anymore.

At first Zotero, when I installed it on the new computer, did not recognize the 'path'. Now I have removed everything related to Zotero from my computer (uninstalled the standalone, removed the storage etc.), and installed Zotero anew, it keeps giving messages that it cannot find the relevant information, and therefore does not open. What should I do?

I still use a Zotero standalone on my laptop, but like to keep working on both devices.

Win error 67 during operation open on file \\VUWxxxx\xxxxxxxe\Appdata\Roaming\Zotero\Zotero\Profiles\i2ue55xz.default\zotero\zotero.sqlite (The network name cannot be found.

(No stack trace)
From previous event:
  • Network drives behave a bit differently from normal drives, so Zotero isn't handling the missing custom data directory the way it normally would. We'll see if we can fix that.

    In the meantime, close Zotero, open your Zotero profile directory, and delete the prefs.js file (or, if you want to keep your other prefs, open it in a text editor and delete just the lines containing "datadir"). That will reset it to using your local hard drive for the data directory.
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