problems with wrong style citations and references

Until now it worked but when I add new references now, I get a very odd style which does not match the style that is linked with the document. The preview of the references is ok but once I include the citations and later references in the document they are wrong. Should be Beringer et al. as before but is Beringer, X & W now. It is wrong in both the global change biology and the american psychological association style. Reresh or adding the references new does not change anything.
Can someone please help with that, this is an important problem.
  • Both of those styles do want the full list of authors in the first citation. If you are seeing additional author names after the first citation, then it is likely this:
  • no this is not my problem. I am only talking about family names: Beringer et all for 3 authors, and not it is Beringer, Slate & Baxter. And that is definitely wrong because the journal told me it is
  • APA's disambiguation rules specify that for the first citation, up to five authors should be given, with "et al." being used on subsequent citations. However, if you have multiple different references to items that would be abbreviated "Beringer et al." with the same year, then APA calls for extra names to be added to disambiguate the two citations.

    The journal appears to be following this set of disambiguation rules: e.g.,

    Can you say what exactly the journal said was incorrect?
  • This is not the case either. Each citation is there only once, neither one with the same name. They said that the citation is wrong. They do not want any & but only et al. And no initials before (e.g. H. E. Penman, 1948) before family names.
  • This style will do that:

    @adamsmith This isn't the style that is used in this journal in any of the recent issues, so I'm not sure we should change the style in the repository here.
  • I am not sure what you mean but in my document it does not do it correctly. Even when I delete a citation and change the name (there was a typo in it) and again incert it into the worddocument the name is still the old one. By now I think that my wordplugin does not update anymore.
  • You need to install the style I link to above and then change to it in your document (it will be listed as American Psychological Association (short authors) ). This style always uses et al and never adds initials or names for disambiguation (I use it all the time for this effect).
  • thank you, this solved the et al versus & problem. But I still have citations with initials before the family name - do you have an idea for that as well?
  • It shouldn’t do that. Can you check that your data are correct in Zotero?
  • Yes, that was the problem. Zotero saved the name incorrect. Now it looks good. Thank you for the help.
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