How to modify AMA style citations and bibliography

I'd like to modify American Medical Association style to (1) remove the "," before "et al" in author lists in the bibliography and (2) change the citation from a numeral to "author, year, page" where page is the page that the information is found on, not the page numbers that the article appears in the journal. I've been trying to do this myself, but figure it might be quicker to just ask for help!
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    Getting the style from numeric to author-date is a bit of work as you'll need to add a few macros and build the whole in-text citation part. You can look at any author-date style though and see what's in the part in the citation /citation section at the bottom and adapt that.
    delimiter-precedes-et-al="never" will remove the comma before the et al. You can set that either directly in bibliography or under the specific author macro.

    Is your request for a specific journal/publisher?
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