Failed to sync highlights in PDF, while notes are synced fine(Debug ID D531014786)

I am using syncing with Zotero between my two Macs. The bug I have is that my notes (as Zotero attatchment, not in PDF) and highlights (in PDF) sync to the online library properly, but when I try to sync them to another computer, only the notes are downloaded, while the highlights are not. Does anyone have any suggestion what is wrong?
  • If you're certain that the annotations sync to the server (i.e. you're seeing the annotated PDFs on, start here:
  • Thank you for your reply. I have checked everything in that link and decided to reset sync history and report the log. The debug ID for that log is D1801386859. After the reset, the pdf annotations are still not synced.

    Also, there are several version conflicts during the sync after the reset, and the remote version is always more updated than local version.

    Please let me know if you need more information!
  • Actaully I just find out, after the reset all pdf annotations in the online storage are wiped out...
  • Do make an update of your storage folder on the computer with the annotations then.
    I'll let Dan look at the Debug -- anything unusual about your set-up? E.g. are your data folders in any location other than the default? Also, which software are you using for annotating PDFs?
  • Thank you. I changed the data folder location to one different from default for the computer with problem syncing annotations. Is that the problem?

    I'm using the system default for annotating PDF, which is MacOS Preview.
  • Preview is fine, but where is the new location of the data folder? I'm not concerned with the exact filepaths, but if it is in something like Dropbox, Google drive, or a network folder, that could be the problem.
  • No, the new location is "/Documents/zotero" and is not connected with any cloud storage service.
  • By default, /Documents is synced with iCloud Drive, so I would guess you are running into a cloud syncing problem.
  • Not really...This "/Documents" is directly located in Macintosh HD. It is a different one from the /Documents in iCloud Drive.
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