Websites in Bibtex

edited July 11, 2018
I have the problem that with the websites that i add to zotero, when i then print out my bibliography with bibtex do not show an url.

My zotero file of the websites is in a misc format and i have all the informations in it. However the latex \printbibliography command does not seem to print the URLS.

title = {{PTW}: {VeriSoft}},
url = {},
urldate = {2018-07-04},
author = {PTW},
month = sep,
year = {2017},

Which style do I need to change my bibliography to or what can I change so that the URLS get printed?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I found that i can manually enter the website URL in the note window and that solves the problem.
  • That BibTeX is valid, so the issue is a problem with your BibTeX style, not the Zotero output. I wouldn’t put the URL in the wrong field, as that will have inconsistent results across styles.
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