Trying to Sync Word 16.14.1 to Zotero 5.0.52

Hi there,

I'm having trouble synching my word program to zotero.

I have followed the instructions for putting zotero into Microsoft word, and there is now a Zotero icon beside the "View" tab in my Word program.

However, when I try to click on "Add/Edit Citation" or "Add/Edit Bibliography" any of the actions that Zotero would do, I get an error message saying "Word could not communicate with Zotero. Please ensure that Zotero is open and try again.".

However, Zotero is open, so this means there's an error.

I've tried using the Zotero troubleshooting pages, in particular, this one:
under the heading "Communication error or non-responsive plugin buttons" . But none of the suggestions seem to help.

For instance, I've tried the first three suggestions in that troubleshooting guide. Here they are.

"1. Ensure that Zotero Word for Windows Integration is enabled in Tools → Add-ons→ Extensions in Zotero." There is no "Add-ons" in my Tools menu of Microsoft Word, and when I click on "Add-ons" in my Tools menu of Zotero, I get a constant "Loading" menu.

2. I'm pretty sure that I'm using the same user for both Microsoft and Zotero.

3.I don't have an Security software running, and I don't understand option 4.

Can you help me?

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