Zotero 5 - Standalone Slow

Hi Zotero Team,

Since last night my Zotero 5 has become very slow. For example, if I am creating a new entry, trying to enter information, or clicking on anything really. I have taken off the tabs window, I have restarted my computer and zotero multiple times.

Starting Zotero works fine, it becomes complicated when I am trying to make edits.

Debug ID: D228426271
  • Start by disabling BBT. If that fixes the slowness, you'll need to report this to the BBT developer on GitHub.
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    I've done some performance work over the past week so the new .168 might already help, but if BBT is the cause of slowdown I would love to hear about it over at the BBT issue tracker.
  • Hi @dstillman,
    Thank you for the suggestion. I did follow your instructions and when I disabled the BBT, Zotero was quicker. I was waiting to reply to make sure that it continued working. It is still working pretty quickly (with BBT disabled).

    @emilianoheyns Before creating this post I updated my extension to the "zotero-better-bibtex-5.0.169.xpi" version. Is this what you mean by the .168? Also, it was also a sudden change because it was working properly until a week ago.

    Thanks for all your help.
  • I put out a new version for pretty much every problem I fix, which was a slew the past few weeks, so version numbers have gone by fast past week. 168 has all of the performance work though. If you're willing to help me hash this out, open an issue on the BBT github page.
  • I mean BBT is at .173 now, and two weeks ago I was at .157. That's just how I do things, which is also whey I ask people to verify that they're on the latest version when reporting. If you've upgraded in the morning it is uncommon but entirely possible to be two versions behind in the evening.

    But I'm especially interested in the problem you describe. BBT responds to notifications sent by Zotero; if you're just clicking around I'd expect no notifications and thus no BBT activity.
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