where to save csledit.xul

In my dissertation, the APA requirement has been modified for the References. It must be single space within the reference but double between the references. In the Standalone Zotero, I found the line to change from 2 to 1 in csledit.xul and it works as expected.

Where do I now save the modified file?
  • See https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/style_editing_step-by-step
    (and note you're not saving csledit.xul -- you should save a file with a .csl extension, e.g. apa-modified.csl
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    Thank you. That's exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find. I've also now learned that the style change I want is already in the repository--YEA!--as APA...single spaced. Now my conundrum is two-fold.
    1. I want single-space within the reference but double between references (whole document is double-spaced). (APA 6th ed). This is the school's requirement. It's inconvenient, at best, to continually update the style via Word because Zotero keeps updating the bibliography with it's own style every time I add a reference. (btw, I love using Zotero and its auto-populating feature is tremendous!)
    2. The current documents I have keep updating with the standard APA style, the one originally used, instead of the new single-space one I want to use. How do I convince Word/Zotero to shift to the new Z-style?
  • 1. In the bibliography section, set entry-spacing="1" line-spacing="1"

    2. You need to change the style ID at the top of the file to something else (the URL doesn’t need to be real) to keep it from being overwritten by the official style the next time it updates. You should also change the title to make it clearer in the style list which is which.
  • Thanks. That did the trick. Love it!
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