Struggling with large document

I am using Zotero on my MacBook Air. We have a large 57 page document with more than 300 citations (so far) and 15 more to go. Yes, very large. I am struggling to say the least. Microsoft Word for Mac has said I have a full "disk." It has closed the document a few times (although I could recover it). Zotero isn't updating the numbers in the document (some still show as "1") and the reference section is still all red and underlined despite using the Refresh function. I have a pending journal deadline. Any way to finish this paper or have I reached the capacity of my MacBook Air? Should we switch to a PC? Or will Zotero eventually update (I know this can take a long time on a Mac with this number of citations. Thanks for your help. If I sound desperate, I am getting there.
  • You should be able to handle that with your Mac (I wrote a much longer dissertation on a MacBook Air with Word 2016), but if you don’t want to wait for it to update, you could go run Refresh on a PC. You don’t need to sync your library, just have the Zotero app installed.

  • Thank you very much. I keep thinking I need to purchase another computer, and I also assumed I had to transfer the Library to the PC. Am running out of time for the journal deadline so this is a great help. Many thanks.
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