Zotfile: cannot move multiple files back to Zotero structure at once

edited July 10, 2018
I've used Zotero (standalone version 5.0.53) with and without Zotfile for a few years now and I love it. A while ago, I decided to move all my stored pdf files to a separate storage folder using Zotfile. In order to do that, I set a custom folder in Zotfile preferences, selected all files in my library, right clicked a file > [Manage attachments] > [Rename attachments]. All files (>1000) were correctly moved in this way. I just checked whether it still works by changing the Zotfile storage folder, selecting 4 files, selecting them all and moving/renaming them: works like a charm.

However, as my work place set up a Zotero Webdav share, I would now like to move my files *the other way around*: back to the original complex Zotero/storage/8-char-folder structure. In order to do so, I changed the Zotfile preferences back to [Attach stored copy of file(s)].

If I right-click *one* file > [Manage attachments] > [Rename attachments], it is correctly transferred to the Zotero storage structure.

The problem occurs when I select *multiple* files, right-click these and try to transfer them. I do get a warning message:

[JavaScript Application]
Do you want to move and rename 4 attachments?

click [OK] and the first pdf is transferred correctly. There it stops. The other 3 selected files are not renamed or moved at all.

Could anyone replicate this issue or (better yet) solve it? Transferring >1000 files manually is not feasible, I'm affraid.

  • Fixed it by doing an RDF export, emptying the Zotero storage folder and importing the RDF again.
  • You're aware that this will break the link of Zotero with all Word/LibreOffice documents?
  • I am, and it sucks, but fixing that will be quicker than manually moving >1000 files. :)
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