feature request: partial tag completion

Tagging an item currently supports auto completion. Typing a string lists all the tags starting with the string in a context menu.

Suggestions for partial strings would be very useful in addition.

i.e. if typing "item" would not only find "item [post string]" but also "[pre string] item [post string]".
  • This feature would be very useful for me as well. For my tags that are several similar words (e.g. story/narrative/fable) I often have trouble remembering which of the words is listed first.
  • Could I nudge a little about partial-tag completion ? It would help tremendously to create and maintain a consistent tagging system.

  • Adding another nudge... partial tag completion would help using tags with more consistency.
  • My understanding (I believe dstillman commented on this in a different thread) is that partial tag completion is massively more demanding in terms of computation, so getting this to work in a way that's reasonably fast enough for a good user experience is, at a minimum, not trivial, so this isn't a simple request.
  • Oh, I didn't realise. Is it not just something like doing a substring match over all tags ? Evernotes Webclipper does this for example, or when you add a link in Obsidian, LogSeq, Discord or apps like this, they show you a list of note titles in which the typed string is a substring.
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    It would also facilitate a useful 'lite' version of nested tags, ie a single tag with the name 'parent_tag->child_tag'.
    So when typing child_tag into the tag box, the nested tag 'parent_tag->child_tag' would be amongst the matching suggestions.
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    Btw - both the "add note" and the 'add citation" search boxes for Word do this already. The list of items that shows up to select from contains all items that include the search string, not only the items that start with the search string.

    Perhaps there's a misunderstanding of what the suggesting is, or perhaps I'm missing something in the technical implementation - but would doing this for tags (there are fewer and they are shorter than library items, I suppose) really be computationally demanding ?
  • search boxes and auto-complete aren't the same thing. It's OK when search while you type has, say, as 5 second lag. That's not (I, and I assume the devs, would think) acceptable for auto-complete, which needs to be essentially lagless.
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    That makes sense. I'm probably not seeing the complexity. Apologies for that.

    Evernote indeed seems to have two different behaviours for this: the Webclipper lists the superstrings instantaneously 'as' you type with each keystroke; the Edit Tag menu waits for typing to pause for a small moment and updates the suggestion box then, I'd say this takes perhaps 100 or 200 ms. To me, the second works fine and adds a lot of value in keeping tags consistent.

    But again, perhaps I'm just not seeing the complexity involved!
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