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    Any further progress on this?

    I'm switching away from EndNote to go all-in on Zotero on Linux... (This latter is an adventure in itself ... ;-)

    So, any updates on support for citekey as a field in Z would be welcome.
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    Well, I've now made the full switch and installed the Better BibTeX (BBT) plugin for Zotero which implements the functionality I wanted. Wow! Love it. I also love that BBT can export and keep updated a BibTeX file that I can point both my LaTeX and Zettlr implementations at, while retaining proper control of my Refs in Zotero. Such an inspired use of clever interoperability!

    I've managed to massage the citation key generator in BBT to almost do what I want it to, with only a single exception. I'm trying to get the generator to append a "+" character after the first author's surname if there is more than one author.

    The pattern I'm using is:


    I tried tricking it by inserting an [auth0_2:postfix=+]

    after the [auth] and before the [year], but it pulls in the _whole_ second author's surname, rather than the 'zeroth' character of the second author, which was a long-shot attempted kludge, I admit, by trying to get it to recognise that there _was_ a second author, not using any letters from the name and just adding the `+`.

    For example. I want to generate the label einstein+49mpgrt from the reference info:

    Einstein A, Infeld L. On the motion of particles in General Relativity Theory. Can J Math 1949;1(3):209-41. doi:10.4153/CJM-1949-020-8.

    The above pattern produces what I want except I have to manually add the `+` character and pin the Citation Key to ensure it remains added. Not such an issue, of course, but there must be a clever way to do it that I've not thought of...

    @emilianoheyns :
    What have I missed as a more clever trick (or correct expression) for doing this?

  • [authors1+.:replace=.etal,+][year] should do it.
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    @emilianoeheyns : Yep! Perfect.

    Many thanks! Now I just need to work out how to omit anything in the subtitle (ie after the ":" (or other sentence-ending punctuation).
  • I don't think that's currently possible. I'm working on an overhaul of the pattern formatter that would bring things like this in scope, but that's not a next-week project.
  • Hmm, I thought it might be a bit tricky. Oh well, a quick edit of the BibTeX key, only needing to delete the final few letters, is a small price to pay for not having to create each key from scratch (as was necessary Back In The Old Days™). Strictly, my key pattern is as noted above with literally the title (i.e., not including the subtitle) in the text source for abbreviation.
  • I just, belatedly, merged a change that causes EndNote labels to become citation keys when importing EndNote XML.

    I didn't touch RIS - many web translators depend on it (which I don't want to break!), it's less rich as an interchange format when you're transferring your library to Zotero, and, as mentioned above, making the change in a text editor is trivial.

    Your Zotero translators should auto-update within five minutes, or you can update manually by clicking "Update now" in the Advanced pane of Zotero preferences. Give it a try and let me know if it all works as expected!
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