Chicago 17 - estimated date of publication

It doesn't appear that this has been addressed recently. I have a faculty member who is citing archival documents with estimated dates. Chicago 17 says this (14.145):

"When the publication date of a printed work cannot be ascertained, the abbreviation n.d. takes the place of the year in the publication details. A guessed-at date may either be substituted (in brackets) or added. See also 14.132.

Boston, n.d.
Edinburgh, [1750?] or Edinburgh, n.d., ca. 1750"

How can one go about doing this in Zotero? Square brackets and all punctuation are ignored in the date field, so that's not helpful.

Is the only option to add [1750?] after the place (for manuscript items) and the publisher (for book items), leaving the date field blank for both? Am I missing something else?

Any chance future updates would honor punctuation in the date field, or allow for a dropdown for estimated/original/etc. dates?
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