Problem with office word 365 window 10

I am trying to add citations in office word 365 using window 10 to zotero, but its not showing zotero Ads-in.
  • Follow the steps here:

    If you still have problems, please describe exactly what you have done and what is happening.
  • I am trying this, but when I open add-ons it just spins and nothing loads.
  • What version of Zotero are you running?
  • It's still happening. I go into Zotero ---- tools--- ad-ons and nothing loads. Just that spinning wheel forever.
  • how can one tell which version they have?
  • I am using 5.0 version, followed these step as mention in link
    Zotero toolbar doesn't appear

    If the Zotero tab or toolbar (or Zotero scripts menu for Word 2008/2011 for Mac) does not appear, follow these steps:

    Close Word or LibreOffice.
    In Zotero, go to Tools → Add-ons → Extensions.
    If “Zotero Word for Mac/Windows Integration” or “Zotero LibreOffice Integration” are disabled, click the “Enable” button to re-enable the extension.
    If the “Enable” button for “Zotero Word for Mac/Windows Integration” is grayed out, and you are unable to click it, click the “Remove” button and restart Zotero.
    If you don't see “Zotero Word for Mac/Windows Integration” or “Zotero LibreOffice Integration” in the Extensions window at all, then you should re-download and re-install Zotero. It is not necessary to uninstall Zotero before re-installing; simply install Zotero over the top of the existing installation. (Note: Re-installing Zotero rarely fixes problems and should not be used as a general troubleshooting step. This is one of the few instances where re-installation is helpful.)
    In the Cite pane of Zotero preferences, open the “Word Processors” tab.
    Click “Reinstall LibreOffice/Microsoft Word Add-in” and then restart your word processor.

    But not still same problem, word 365 not showing tab of zotero.

    Few month back i had used same version with word 2010 and it went well. but now i am using Word 365 its not working
  • Could you say what you did at the respective steps? Just citing them doesn't really tell us where you are with troubleshooting.
  • followed all steps as mentioned above
  • Right, but for example when it says:
    "If “Zotero Word for Mac/Windows Integration” or “Zotero LibreOffice Integration” are disabled, click the “Enable” button to re-enable the extension."

    were they disabled or not? If you enabled them, do they stay enabled?, etc. for the other points We really don't have a good sense of what's going on on your computer and can't really help much without you providing us more details
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