related items become unrelated when transferring to group

When I transfer several items that I linked as "related" from my library to a group library they become unrelated, even though I copy all of them. Is this as bug or is this intended behaviour?
  • It's the expected behavior at the moment. What it should do is up for debate.

    It's a pretty tricky problem, actually. Items copied to group libraries are completely separate items from the originals, though they're linked behind the scenes using a new relations mechanism that will eventually be extended to support an enhanced related items feature. (This link isn't used for anything yet except to prevent repeated drags.) The new group items could potentially keep relations to items in the group library that were copied at the same time, though that's a bit awkward and limiting. Or, when dragging an item to the group library, Zotero could check whether there are any items in the group library linked to any items in the local library that are related to the item being dragged. Or something else.

    So, in short: for now, yes, it's intended behavior.
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