tablet workflow

I'm a long time zotero and tablet user, but I have struggled to make the best use of the tablet for reading and annotating *reference* material, because I can't make a workflow that I like.

The issue is that I am happy with zotfile's abilities for me to read and annotate existing references, but always when I'm reading, I find more things to read immediately or queue for reading.

In that situation, I download the PDF immediately, and either read (and possibly annotate it) directly, or put it in a folder for reading later. In doing so I build up a bunch of things I'd like to import to zotero straight away ... but I can't do that because regrettably I don't use the zotero web storage, so I can't use the bookmarklet to load the attachment.

I could of course load them into some sort of cloud folder, but then it would be nice to have some easy zotero tool to import the contents of that directory and remove them after import (and maybe use the import annotation feature of zotfile then and there).

Does anyone have a nice solution for this sort of workflow? Or recommendations? For the record I'm on a mac up in laptop land and have just moved to an ipad for my tablet. Am i missing something obvious?
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